Toronto Furnace Repair Services in Toronto ON

Hello i’m Kim Laird hers from learden signal heating and air conditioning i am right here at present with a customer and we did an oil to fuel conversion right here on your residence how did you hear about layered and son well it’s rough to inform you the reality but when i will it was a letter from Neil Laird the president and it was once so honest it is tough to feel that honesty is in the industry’s way it is in these days however I decided at the moment to call him and that i did and that is how I got concerned the Laird and son Jeff sewer letter and at the moment you had an oil furnace I had an oil furnace and boys are available took out the oil tank but in a new gas furnace all the traces reduced in size Ambridge about the meter considering the fact that we did not have fuel at all they needed to put the gasoline line in me they were efficient they have been fast they have been clean all I had to do was call the inspector and switch it on that used to be it oh yeah I wrote a verify to however that used to be it and would you advise us to your friends I advocate a layered and son to any individual pals or enemies but sure obviously two thumbs up if you happen to buy from any one else you will have made a mistake go to learden son you

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