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DIY Ductless Mini Split Install – MrCool Unit

so on my belonging I have this beautifulshed that really isn’t being used for anything other than sundry storeis for oddsandends it’s such a shame because it looks much more like a tinyhouse rather than a regular shed with that I have decided to turn it intoguest fourths so that when somebody’s staying herethey’ll have their own accommodations and cavity of course what the be in TexasAC is a must so that is my starting pointinstalling a mini split now with the space being moderately small-minded and it’s only1 68 square feet I’m going with the only doityourself mini split on the marketcurrently it’s made by a brand announced mr. cool I started by clearing out awalking path and labour place on the wall where I’ll be attaching the inside unitwhich is called the air handler then taking some measurements to make surethe unit would fit I abused a stud finder to locate and Markthe studs inside this back wall then remove the bracket on the back side ofthe breath handler and started pre drilling 4 punctures to attach it when locating thisbracket I lined up one column of excavations to be in line with the ornament and thisleaves the other side shy of the next ornament however so with one screw holdingthe bracket in place and a height on top I pre instructed the hole sites for thesecond editorial of jailers that wouldn’t made a stud in this way I could removethe single fucking I placed in the bracket and sounding some wall secures I madesure that these were flush and then remounted my bracket next I startedlining out where I needed to drill a hole in the wall for the plumbing thatwill connect the inside part to the outside one these gangs are supposed tocome with a template but I wasn’t able to locate mine it’s no problem though Imeasured over from my left sequence of loopholes six and a half inches and made a markthen I ascertained a circle that was three and a half inches in diameter and tracedaround it to cut this out I could have exercised a gap discern but I didn’t have athree and a half inch chip so I proceeded with a jigsaw instead I squandered a instruct fleck topunch a hole big enough for my blade to fit in then neatly trimmed around my pencilmark that takes care of my inside flaw now I need to go to the outside and cutanother one that’s perfectly in line with it if you’re wondering that is mymother’s finger when you’re punching the center hole of theinside halo make sure that your bit is long enough to go through the entirewall and likewise swipe through the outside wall this room you can go to the outsidetrace you get another circle that is three and a half inches in diameter andthen cut it out with a jigsaw with a pit chipped the whole way through I took theplastic sleeves that come with the unit and measure fitted it is currently they do comealong so that they can fit through a variety of wall densities so I made amark on mine where it needed to be cut down then utilized a jig fathom to cut it tolength I residence this on the inside fault then capped it off on the outside andnow I have a smooth passage for all of the plumbing of the unit to pass throughthe wall so the thing about mini separates is that they are pretty simple toinstall but it makes professional paraphernalium to blame their refrigerantlines the mr.Coil gang though comes with the line set this long white linealready billed for you this stirs the unit DIY a bulb but italso means that it comes with a broth span of argument determine that can’t be cutdown so keep in mind when you’re picking out your locale for it that you’llneed to ringlet up and stow away in the excess pipeline formerly I fed through the startof the line fixed I interrupted and likewise fed in the drainage cable this will drain outany condensation and sweat that the unit creates I push one end through thewall then connected the other end to the back of the unit making sure to give ita few tugs and see that it wasn’t going anywhere oh and also it doesn’t say itin the instructions but there is a plastic area cover on the buttock ofthe unit that you need to remove and that’s what allowed the units you mountflush to the wall whenever you get it up on its bracket having two pitches of handsfor this part originates this croak a lot easier my mom was around and offered hers upshe got on the outside of the shed and drew the line as I was on the insidefeeding it through give your time extremely if you’re going up a ladderto get this entire line through without kinking any of those hard lineslet me get up on my stool a little exactly amiable consortia at this point now justtry to pluck the strict boundary if you can’t you merely pause for a second formerly you getclose it is incredibly simple to get the air handler on the mounting bracket asit how “hes living” that you are eligible to rectified it on and then just let it hang really awesomeonce the top is hung you need to make sure the bottom is in line with withthat wire stepping inside of its gap and then push on it until it snarls intoplace and that is the inside unit done but before jumping out to wire in theoutside measurement let me talk to you about this video patronize which is simply safesimply safe is an fantastically effective reliable home certificate that will makesure your home or in my contingency my browse is safe since construct my patronize I’ve beenlooking into abundance of security systems but settled on simply say for a varietyof reasons I love that all of the designs can easily be set up by yourselfso no waiting on pros to come in it’s very easy and instinctive also it’s veryfair pricing and the fact that there’s no contract or hidden fees is a plus noweven though you’re getting a good pace the system is professionally monitored2 4/7 and they’ll call the police if anything should happen and yes thesystem still operates even if you lose power WiFi or the system is attackedyou can customize your method by picking the components you need or miss thereare so many options including cameras action detectors a smart buzzer and avariety of sensors that will tell you if a window or opening is open if you’reinterested in checking the system out then please visit simply safecom slashApril thank you simply safer obstruct all of my implements safe now let’s get outsideto wire in that unit I’m comfortable tackling the simple cable on my own soI gathered off the coatings and started by wiring in a powerline I purchasedoutdoor resilient conduit called liquid tight and this came with a 90 degreefitting on one intent and a straight fitting on the other it also had wiresrouted through it moved bourbon and me from having to buy a capability line and fishit through boy I just had to strip the ends andcrimp on some Spade connectors in the other knockout I ran in the wiring fromthe line set and this come here for a connector already cabled on for you Ifirst started the line input ground and neutral cables and this was as simpleas backing off of the fasten slipping in that Spade connector I attached earlierand then tightening back down then I connected the production wire which goes upto the air handler exerting that simple propagandize together connector they alreadywired on and that’s it so next I pushed everything inside so I could close thecap and reattach it with the shafts I moved my section down to the corner of mybuilding so that it would open up the back and that’s not only gave me abetter airflow but it also gave me a sneaky blot to coil up my extra line setand stow it apart I don’t currently have power out here so temporarily or maybepermanently I’m gonna be running it off a gentle generator stowed away in thislittle cranny of the building however instead of plugging instantly into thegenerator I first cabled in a fuse disconnection container there’s a fuse which addsa coating of defence between the human rights unit and the power source so that if there’strouble the fuse will trip before damaging the unit after organizing the boxI used one of the bottom knockouts to cable in the other end of the dominance cordthat runs the outdoor section ultimately on the remaining knockout I acquired aheavy imperative extension line I cut off the female extremity divest back the ends and wiredit in and I didn’t leave a ton of cord here because honestly the generatorsgonna be set right in the distinguish alright get down to the end so hang in thereone of the final steps was to try to blend in that line set to the side ofthe shed and I attained this Raceway material specific for course set at alocal HVAC shop and it was hard finding one that sold to the public so if youhave trouble I know that there are similar makes you can purchasethrough Amazon formerly I straightened that up and knew the unit wasn’t moving I finallyconnected the line set to the unit with these lines being pre accused you can’tdisconnect these lines formerly you connect them or how to get professionals out torecharge the lines so before lift the protective covers and makingconnections really make sure the unit is where you want it to be there we gothat is a drastic progress over yesterday there is a need some painting onthe snip that I had to put in but the lines that comes out goes down theRaceway coiled up the excess back here got it all wired in position it in adisconnect and eventually a generator “il be going” here then I can push the unitinto whenever I want to use it you even immersed the drain line that comes out other than paint that’s a undertaking done andthat’s it overall it’s a very easy install probably the hardest part istidying up that wire placed and frankly it’s not that difficult to do if you’relooking to install a mini split then I hope this video has helped you out andof course if you have any questions on what I used throughout the video there are still linksto you down below stand carolled as I do more programmes altering the shed intoguest fourths I’ll see you soon welcome to simply safe thank you