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Furnace Tune-Up – Bob Oliver Heating and Air Conditioning

the weather’s changing and cooler forecast is coming and the key word is furnace and who better to talk with them Bob Oliver above Oliver heating and air Bob when I think of furnace I think of a tuneup and a examination but I don’t know the difference can you tell me you bet let’s go on inside and I’ll show you a furnace we can talk about the different things you need to know sounds great Bob you got me down in the vault again what’s going on now okay today we’re kind of going through this whole process of whether it’s a checkup or a tuna okay and certainly we ever refer to a real check out is the tuna clean okay we don’t recommend anyone get a checkup because they’re just looking at the unit and meeting if it’s running is that what beings will normally ask for is to check up they will and I picture a lot of us think well if we go to the doctor we get a full examination but if you ask for a checkup on a furnace you’re gonna get wise just looked over delicately which isn’t really considering offsetting sure it’s totally safe or totally using the best efficiency you guys can sure so then we want to ask for our tuna that’s correct thanks you bet be demonstrated by about the tuneup then Bob so right now we have our furnace rounding okay and we’re gonna go through and make sure that it’s running properly and that we’re checking all the things out and constituents in this furnace to make sure it’s commissioned for safety excellent first of all we’re looking at our inducer devotees this devotee here is blowing out the bad carbons outdoors and from the hot exchanger we really check it by making sure that it’s gathering the liberty vacuum on now to make sure it’s running in its best ability now we have the burners kicked on so we’re actually having ga come into here this is natural gas sometimes it can be liquid propane okay those two different gas have different adversities on it so we’re actually going to make the same device here and we’re gonna do in the positive side to see how much gas pressings and coming into the gas valve and coming out to the burners all right this space we know there’s an adequate sum of oxygen and gas in now to make a clean burn in the firm make sure you’re not squandering gasoline excellent so that’s just various kinds of the first step once you get down now that’s one of the first step great the second step that we’re actually going to do is we’re going to make this combustion analyzer and we’re gonna drill a gap in the PVC I’m gonna place it in and this weary is going out so now we can see how many carbons are actually going out and being exposed to outdoors and change those back into tune in the gas up to where we’re using them for hot excellent that is actually slakes the efficiency we need we can go in and experiment this and if it’s really high we can already be aware that there might be a problem inside a pit something that could be unsafe that we can go in and start saying okay this doesn’t seem normal sure one of the other things that we’re gonna be doing here in our tuning clean-living is actually going through the components and making sure that proper electricity is going through them we want to make sure that we’re maintaining out which is a electrical check and made to ensure that factors will be last-place in that whole time but we want to make sure that everything meets its longevity when we’re doing a tuning clean and that’s why it’s my busines we offer if you have a problem during that entire year long we come out for free during the day because we are at a 1% fallback pace with our service Commissioner that’s great you subject so it sounds like the tuneup is the way to go and if our viewers need to get a hold of you and schedule a tuneup how can they do that it’s really easy you can give us a call at two seven seven one six nine six or looking us up at www.att.com/ biz their great thanks Bob you bet

Carrier Furnace Troubleshooting

I need help with Carrier furnace troubleshooting. I want to try and fix it myself. I can help you with that. It is simple, if you know what to do. Some of the easiest things to do, are to makesure you furnace is plugged in, on, and set to the proper temperature. Actually, I have checked all that. I am smart-alecky like that. OK, step 2 would be to make sure that thefurnace has a clean filter. A grimy furnace filter can cause performanceproblems with the furnace. OK I will frame check the furnace filter onmy to do register. Good man, likewise made to ensure that you check thebreakers, to make sure that the breakers are all on. It should be located outside or on the wallnear the unit.I will look at that. You can flip-flop the switch on the dedicated circuitbreaker off and on. This will reset the unit. In addition you will find with Carrier furnacesthat they will show diagnostic systems with a series of LED daylights. Take note of how many times the illuminate flashes, and seem it up in your furnace manual, if you still have it. Oh you mean they are not Christmas sunlights? Good one , no they are not Christmas light-coloreds. Is there anything else I should do, beforeI call a repair service? Is the furnace making a whirring music? Not that I have noticed. Sometimes a whirring music indicates thata small bird, or other cloth, has gone into the unit, and is obstructing the airflow.You have to lift the top off the unit, andremove the obstruction. Oh my gosh, I would so hate removing a deadbird from the unit. Thank God it is not making a whirring clanged. These are all the Carrier furnace troubleshootingtips I have to share. Thank you so much! You are already saving me fund in repairbills ..

Rheem Furnace Blinking Light

This Rheem furnace blinking light has workedme up so much, I just cannot think of a solution for it. You should not be so worked up. Why didnt you come to me and ask for advice? The last time I did that, your dog bit mybutt. Thats why I have 7 stitches on it now,and unable to sit down without feeling pain. Ha ha, sorry. OK, let’s just get to the chase here. Yes, let’s do it! The sooner I get this Rheem furnace blinkinglight figured out the sooner I will feel better. What sort of blinks are you getting? You need to count them to see what the problemis. For example, if you get a 2 second break inbetween three blinks, you know that your limit switch is closed, and you probably have adebris problem.If you see 4 blinking lights in a row thenyour limit switch could be stuck shut. How do I fix my Rheem furnace so it doesn’tkeep showing these blinks? What is the easiest solution? First of all, I think you should go aheadand check the power cord, to ensure that it’s properly plugged in, and that the electricalpower is turned on. I can assure you this step is already completed. Let’s move on. Now, you should set your thermostat to heat,and then make sure you turn the temperature up to a point that is above the current temperaturein your home. Let me text my wife, and have her do thesethings while you explain them to me. Now it’s time you check the gas lever on yourfurnace, and ensure that it’s open.The gas valve should also be turned on andyou can do this by turning it counterclockwise. OK, go on. Check for obstructions around the furnace,especially in front of the vents and grilles and remove them. Be sure the supply registers in your houseare also clear. Alright. Lastly, if these tips didnt help, be sureyou turn your furnace off, disconnect the power and then wait for thirty seconds. Then turn it on again and see if it works. Wow, great, my wife confirmed this fixed theproblem. Man you’re really great! People often tell me that. Well they’re right, and no reason to feelmodest about it!.