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[MUSIC PLAYING] All proper, Ivan. I heard that you have somequestions about your water heater, and preventativemaintenance, and how we will prevent some money at present. A woman neighbor told me that youneed to do preservation as soon as a year, and that i used to be thoroughly clueless about it. I fully grasp that, and i’m going toshow you a couple of hints and tips about what you can do to extendthe life of this computing device, and how that’s going to avoid wasting you cash.I see that you’ve agas, now not an electrical unit. All right. So if it was once electric, we wouldbe watching for the breaker, so one can flip off theelectrical vigour to the burner. Good enough. However it is fuel, so I needyou to grab that ladder, and get it there, andturn off that fuel valve. All correct. You are just going to turn thatto perpendicular with the pipe. And that right thereit’s going to show off your fuel, which is feeding yourburner down on the backside of the tank.It’s going to be yourvalve proper over right here. You are going to close that valve for us. And what we’re goingto do is we will discontinue the give of waterthat’s filling the tank correct now. Let’s take a seem at thepressure free up valve. All correct. The strain unencumber valve isdesigned to fail before the tank does. So right now, what is going on onin here is a number of sizzling water, a lot of high temperatures,numerous high pressure. If it gets too high,this valve will unlock, so it doesn’t harm your tank.Good enough? And that i see that you just havean extension pipe going for walks right down to the backside about sixinches off the ground, which is ideal in view that protection first. If this valve was up right here,quality and excessive, and it failed, you’d have the talents danger ofbeing burned via scalding hot water. So let’s get a bucket. We’re going to put it underneath right here,and we’ll release the valve and distribute a couple cups of water. Satisfactory. Once you received it beneath there,you are going to come again up prime and elevate that silver handle. Just gently pull it up. And we’ll getsome water flowing. All right. That you could let it go. As soon as it stops jogging, we’re going toknow that the valve’s in excellent form. If it does no longer discontinue, then weknow the valve has failed, and we will be able to have got to replace it. It can be very effectively and easilyreplaced via utilizing a pipe wrench. Once you get it outand get the brand new one in, you’ll want to observe some Teflontape to the threads on the brand new valve.And apply that tape clockwise,so as you thread it down, you’re going to quite seal up theunion between the valve and the tank to prevent any leaks one day. Now that we have now validated ourpressure liberate valve, we’re without a doubt going to empty the tankand get any sediment out of it that can have accumulated. So does the tank have sediment? Well, within the water, youhave dirt, you bought minerals, and deposits that are without a doubt going tosettle down to the backside of the tank.And that is going to motive corrosion andrust on the within liner of your water heater. So once a year, you wantto hook up a backyard hose and drain that tank to get any sedimentthat will have collected out of there. Perfect. All right. It’ll extendthe life of your unit. So let’s simply take hold of a garden hose. Let’s get it connected,and we will run it outside to your closest drain. And let’s empty this tank out andget any sediment out of there. All correct, Ivan.Now that we’ve gotten thatgarden hose run outside, let’s get this hose threadedonto that drain valve. And we’re to open up ourpressure unlock valve. Leaving this open isgoing to avert a vacuum. So this manner, we get a good strongflow of water out of this method. All correct, appears clear. Nice. All correct, let’s get again inside. One last thing I wantedto talk about used to be the anode rod, or the sacrificial rod. Now considering that water involves loads ofparticles, like chlorine, fluoride, and magnesium, thoseparticles will certainly corrode the within of your tank. So the sacrificialrod, the anode rod, is fabricated from traditionally aluminum ormagnesium and will truely attract these particles to it. So it’s going to prolong the life of your tank. But clearly, it can be sacrificingitself, so it’ll have to be replaced. Now these rods arefactory established, so i would recommend getting a professionalplumber to come out and clearly cast off it and substitute it for you. Now that now we have gotten all of the gunkout and carried out our maintenance, let’s get the valves openedup and get it up and walking.Perfect. All right? First things first, we’re going to startby refilling the tank with our water waft valves. You always want to makesure you replenish your tank before you flip in your heating aspect. Otherwise, you’ll finish upburning out your heating aspect. A whole other repair. Water valve’s open. Let’s activate that fuel valve again. All proper, gas valve’s open. Let’s ignite that pilot gentle andget some warmth again within the tank. Best. So now, the common householdis going to set its temperature to 120 levels on this water heater. But somewhat vigor saver tip. Each 10 degrees youlower your temperature, you’re going to retailer 5% off on theoperating fee of this water heater. Quality. Saving money. All correct. Thanks a lot for coming. No difficulty. Thank you. And thanks forshopping at house Depot.

HVAC System Maintenance: Annual Service Necessary? (Furnace & Air Conditioner Repair – Pacific MO)

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In these days were in Harbourview South doing anannual furnace and air con preservation. Josh is already inside of getting started andhes going to go over the benefits of why you must be doing this each yr. Well the benefits to an annual provider checkupwould be to ya recognize obviously assess out the important components and even the small componentsof any type of central air heating method. Number one could be the heat exchanger ofthe furnace and making sure its not cracked or any variety of means, shape or form compromised.And as well as cleaning some thing as smallas a flame censor to be certain that the furnace doesnt cut out when its minus fortywith the wind kick back at New Years Eve. Whatever as simple as that might preventany type of drawback and anything as serious as a cracked heat exchanger could potentiallycause you to have got to replace the furnace. Have been gonna take this furnace apart. Were gonna smooth it from top to bottom. All the components which are obtainable forus to clean can be removed and taken apart and cleaned up. We need to ensure from top to bottom thefurnace is walking effectually and is working secure and soundly but even as toomaking definite that there is no expertise for issues to come up.Say just a easy dirty air filter or maybefurniture blockading a register upstairs. Making definite that the rooms are getting adequateairflow so the house owner is staying comfortable. Thats obviously one more very massive concernat the equal time as good. Its very convenient for a house owner to reduce theirlawn and possibly probably shoot stuff on the air conditioner. Whether or not it’s a rock or grass clippings. A number of that stuff can both harm or causethat coil to be really soiled. So, we wish to make certain that its keptnice and easy. 2d principal thingyou want tomake certain the electrical components are riskless and sound. Ya comprehend any form of electrical method is proneto failure and if it fails in the fallacious way, it would be somewhat bit unsafe in termsof either A) a hearth or might be worse however you need to make certain the whole thing is good out there, isnice and easy.The number one factor that might go improper dueto a lack of upkeep could be for instance in the event you didnt change your air filter, thefurnace might be slicing out on a excessive limit and would go into a lockout mode. Unluckily, thats what might lead toa crack and an extraordinarily harmful hindrance. So, theyre slightly bit more pleasant-tuned.They’re a little bit more particular. It comes at a cost of getting more constituents inthe furnace. Theres extra knowledge to break down andtheres additionally extra expertise for matters to head improper, exceptionally on the heat exchangerside. You wouldnt go an multiplied interval amountof time with out getting an oil exchange executed in your vehicle. It could rationale a potential hassle and failureof your vehicle and thats very pricey.The same rule applies to any variety of heatingor cooling system. They’re a mechanical factor in your house. They are prone to failure and in the event you dontget them serviced annually, they’ll most without doubt destroy down and regrettably costyou some cash. So before your method leaves you uncomfortable,make certain to call Pyramid Plumbing & Heating to ebook your annual furnace and air conditioningmaintenance at 204-694-50-88 and make certain to ask about our present specials..