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T4E – Furnace/Winter Tune Up Part 1 (Preventative Maintenance)

Hi there once more. That is Dave Yantz with the Heating and Refrigeration software. In these days, we’ll go by way of thesteps that a service corporation would go through thistime of the year once they come out to your condo todo a winter tune-up. And we’re going to do it on this Lennox. That is the prompted draft. And probably a tech can be carrying a software bag, about like this with varied hand instruments in there that they can do everythingthey ought to do. The truth is, i will probablyonly use two or three of these tools to do this complete job in these days. So we’ll set this bag off to the side. And the very first thing we’re gonna do is,we’ll take the door off. And you raise up, and pull out at thebottom and the door comes off. And on the inside of the door oftentimes are a wiring schematic must you ever want it. Now, we’ll take the backside dooroff. Once more, we will carry up and pull out. And the door comes off. An fundamental factor to notice here is onthe entrance of this door, this label is called the diagnosticchart.Generally it can be on the throughout the door. Right here is the wiring diagram I informed youabout just a 2d in the past. But when we come again to right here, this diagnostic chart will tell youthere’s a light on the circuit board; these twolights here that are flashing now. If there may be a main issue with the furnace,they’ll flash a code. And for those who seem on the code here it’ll inform you approximately what theproblem is. So this relatively helps the techtroubleshoot rapidly. The door right here is so that the techcan appear in via the door and see the lights and be aware of what thecode is before he takes the door off. So we will take the door off and put itover here. Very first thing i’m going to do is unhook the 120 volts electrical energy going to thefurnace considering that after I get into thiscompartment, there can be quite a few liveelectrical connections and we want to make it nontoxic to work in here. The 2 instruments i’m going to use to perform this are known as nut drivers. There’s two ofthem. One is a purple treated nut driver, and it isa quarter-inch screw.The yellow handle is a five sixteenths, and it matches afive sixteenths screw. On all furnaces and air conditioners, all of the screws are either quarter-inch or 5 sixteenths. So these two tools by myself will do justabout the whole thing. So the very first thing I wish to do is I need to take this board out of the way because I wish to pullthis motor out. And up underneath here are two screws that holdthis bracket in situation. So i’m going to take the quarterinch nut driver and unloosen that screw. We don’t needtake it all the way out. And on this part we will be able to unloosen the screw over here.And now, by using sliding this plate forward, it’ll unhinge off of those screws. The holes are bigger here and smallerhere. So, when the screw goes in, we slide it up and then tighten the screw that holds this in. It is a circuit board and transformer. So we’re simply going to move all of this over here to the side the furnace. Lay it down. That is the squirrel cage blower motor. There are two screws that keep this in. And on this case, we will take ourfive sixteenths nut driver. They are located correct up here at thebottom. So, we are going to reach in here; unscrew the first screw. And i’ll lay it up right here on the shelf so Idon’t lose it.After which there may be a screw on the otherside. Reach up right here and unscrew it. And i’ll situation it up here. Now, i am ready to drag that wholeassembly out. So, I seize it and that i simply slide it again. It will drop down. Watch your wires. Keepyour wires out of the way You slide the housing again and also you just, very gently, pull, and the entire squirrel cage housing comes out of the furnace. This is the–we call the squirrel cage considering itgoes round and round. And there’s a motor there. And this iswhat moves air up by means of the furnace and then toyour condominium when you are heating. And within the summertime this identical motor will likely be pushing air up by way of to movethe cool air for air conditioning.So, this motor pulls double duty. What we wish to do is wewant to investigate these veins and ensure they may be clean. If they’re not smooth, then we’d take this meeting aside,take it out, and wash it. This one is easy by using looking at it. We turn around to this facet the place you can see the motor. And what wenormally are doing right here–we’re looking. We want to easy these slots right here. That is how the air will get in to cool themotor. And due to the fact that it’s in the return air, it’s going to get dirty. So, we want to wipethis of be certain the dirt’s out of right here so thatthe air can get in and funky the motor. We additionally want tolook at the end cap right here to peer if there is a port where we can oil the bearing within the motor.This onedoes no longer have the ports. So, that tells us this is asealed bearing. It can be completely lubricated, and we don’t need to do something to it. So, we can turn it back around. We’re easy. We will put it again in. Once we put itin, these two rails slide up in there on two publications. This flange catches in the back, and that is whatholds this whole meeting in there. And then the two screws we took out, gothrough these holes correct right here, and screw up into the housing. So, once once more i’ll put this back within the furnace. And watch my wires. Once I get it in there, i will be able to seem inhere and notice the publications. And i tip the entrance of the motor up, and just push up and in.Once more, watching your wiring. Like that. The motor has slid in and people three flanges have all caught. We take our 5/16 screw. And most of this is done through simply contact and think. It can be kinda difficult toget in there and see some thing, but which you could reach up in there and feelthe gap. To screw by using hand. After which whenever you get the screw began, you put your 5/sixteen nut driver on there. And also you tighten the screw up. We grab the second screw. Reach up in here. To find the gap. Begin to screw. And when you’re striking a screw in– ifyou flip it to the correct, that tightens it. So, we put our wrench on it now.And tighten it. And we have a pronouncing in a trade. Rightytighty; lefty loosey. K. Motor’s set up. Now we put our circuit board back in. So, we kinda deliver it around. Work thewires to the place they lay freely. We will– the screws arestill in there. We’re gonna line them up with the holes. That one’s in. That one’s in. Now, i’ll take my 5/sixteen nut driver and tightenthose two screws. K. Now, we received that accomplished. We simply kinda push our wires again in here. This circuit board controlsthe entire operation the furnace and air conditioner.We’ll go away the door off for now. We’ll move up to the higher phase ofthe furnace. And that is an inducer motor. And there is a hose here that runs fromthe motor to a pressure change. We need to take that hose off. And it will end up plugged up with water and condensation, rust, filth. Matters like that. So, we just without difficulty blowthrough the hose to be certain it can be easy. If it is not, then we take a section of wire;run it via there to scrub it.Then we put the hose again on thepressure change. And back on the inducer motor. Like that. This furnace is relatively new. The burners are smooth. All of the wiring appears good. We constantly wantto examine for wiring that would had been pinched or cut; loose ends. Come down right here again to the bottom.And just examine to ensure all of the wiring connections are relaxed. And once more we unplugged the electrical power soit’s risk-free to touch all of this. K. Now that we’ve got checked all that, we now have truly executed the entire main thingsto investigate– which is what we name preventative upkeep to be certain that the furnace should workthroughout the iciness without any issues. So, the next factor we need to do is experiment it; make certain it is working..