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Greeley Furnace Co – Repairs, HVAC, Heating and Air Conditioning

Hello my name is Ben Hitchcock and this isGreeley Furnace, Here you will find the highest quality of workmanship and Professionalismwith an emphasis on business ethics. But there is something that you will findhere, that you wont find anywhere else, “our Platinum Card customers” who are entitledto free repairs, that’s right, they pay nothing for trip charges, parts or labor. You see there is something that frustratesme as a consumer when I see service providers and businesses offering big deals and payingmoney to get new customers as they seem to devalue and discard their existing customers.Not here at Greeley furnace, although we appreciatethe hundreds of new customers we acquire each year it is the thousands of existing customersthat do business with us every year and have for many years that we owe our success, andour undying gratitude. And it is for them that we Taylor our bestdeal, the Platinum Card provides for free repairs for up to twenty years for any newfurnace or air conditioner that is installed and consistently maintained by Greeley Furnace.There is no cost for the Platinum Card allyou need to do is purchase the manufacturers recommended yearly maintenance, and you havefull coverage with a known out of pocket cost for the next twenty years. The way this works is Greeley Furnace doesits part by using top quality installation equipment and practices, and the consumerprovides the necessary yearly maintenance that allows us to virtually eliminate breakdownsto the degree that what service is necessary is free. That’s confidence in the quality of our productand appreciation for customers that continue to support Greeley furnace. Thank you for visiting Greeley furnace.com..