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Dryer Won’t Heat: Troubleshooting Electric Dryer Problems

Hi, this is Wayne with Sears PartsDirect.At present, we’ll talk about troubleshooting an electrical dryer that will not warmth. There subject few things that could keep your dryer from heating. You might have a situation with thepower supply to the dryer, a damaged heating detail, hi-restrict thermostat, running thermostat,thermal cut-off fuse or timer. I know that appears like rather a lot, but dont worry, wellhelp you’re employed although them. Step one is to determine to peer if the dryer is gettingthe proper amount of vigor. You may also believe the dryer is getting adequate vigour if the motoris runs, but heating detail wants 240 volts of electrical power to heat. The motor will runeven if the dryer is best getting 120 volts of energy. Examine your power twine to make sureits no longer broken. Then, reset your residence circuit breaker to ensure its now not tripped.Set your dryer to a timed dry, excessive warmth cycle and spot if it heats up after resetting thebreakers. If its still no longer heating, well must examine the components on the controlcircuit.Checking continuity with a multimeter will allow us to scan them all at once. First,unplug the dryer. For safety, invariably disconnect energy earlier than checking continuity. Put off theback panel from the dryer, then remove the back of the control panel. Unplug the largered wire from terminal "A" on the timer. Set the multimeter to read ohms of resistance.Measure resistance between the significant purple wire on the timer and the heating element terminalwhere the gigantic red wire is connected. In the event you measure near 15 ohms of resistance throughthis circuit, then you already know that the heating aspect, hello-restrict thermostat, operating thermostatand thermal cut-off fuse are all ok. That you may bypass ahead to study the right way to check out yourtimer.In the event you measured no electrical continuity by means of this circuit, which is an "OL" onthis multimeter, then good determine the heating element. Place your meter leads on the heatingelement terminals. You must measure close 15 ohms of resistance by means of the heatingelement. If you measured no continuity, then the heating detail is defective. This videowill exhibit you methods to substitute it. Should you measured close 15 ohms of resistance, then the heatingelement is good. Good determine the hi-restrict thermostat next. Situation one meter lead on eachterminal of the hello-limit thermostat. You must measure close 0 ohms. Should you measured no continuity,then the hello-restrict thermostat will have got to get replaced. If your hi-limit thermostat is k, well examine the running thermostat next.Place one meter lead on the crimson wire the opposite meter lead on the red-white wire.You shouldmeasure near 0 ohms of resistance by way of the running thermostat. If you measuredno continuity, the working thermostat will have got to be replaced. If your operating thermostatis good, good verify the thermal reduce-off fuse next. Situation one meter lead on the crimson-whitewire and the other on the red wire. You should measure close 0 ohms. In the event you measured no continuity,youll need to exchange the thermal reduce-off fuse. If the thermal cut-off fuse is just right,good assess the timer last. With the dryer nonetheless disconnected, turn the timer to timeddry, excessive warmness. Situation one meter lead on terminal "A" with the pink wire and the opposite on terminal"C" with the black wire. For those who measured no continuity, then the timer is faulty.Heresa video so as to show you exchange it. If youve made it through all thesechecks and you still havent determined your difficulty, you might have a faulty motorcentrifugal change, a foul plug, or a defective circuit breaker. You could possibly have to get a servicetechnician out to assess these for you. Good day. Thanks for observing. Investigate out our different repairvideos here on the YouTube Channel and should you like them subscribe..