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Carrier Furnace Troubleshooting

I need help with Carrier furnace troubleshooting. I want to try and fix it myself. I can help you with that. It is simple, if you know what to do. Some of the easiest things to do, are to makesure you furnace is plugged in, on, and set to the proper temperature. Actually, I have checked all that. I am smart-alecky like that. OK, step 2 would be to make sure that thefurnace has a clean filter. A grimy furnace filter can cause performanceproblems with the furnace. OK I will frame check the furnace filter onmy to do register. Good man, likewise made to ensure that you check thebreakers, to make sure that the breakers are all on. It should be located outside or on the wallnear the unit.I will look at that. You can flip-flop the switch on the dedicated circuitbreaker off and on. This will reset the unit. In addition you will find with Carrier furnacesthat they will show diagnostic systems with a series of LED daylights. Take note of how many times the illuminate flashes, and seem it up in your furnace manual, if you still have it. Oh you mean they are not Christmas sunlights? Good one , no they are not Christmas light-coloreds. Is there anything else I should do, beforeI call a repair service? Is the furnace making a whirring music? Not that I have noticed. Sometimes a whirring music indicates thata small bird, or other cloth, has gone into the unit, and is obstructing the airflow.You have to lift the top off the unit, andremove the obstruction. Oh my gosh, I would so hate removing a deadbird from the unit. Thank God it is not making a whirring clanged. These are all the Carrier furnace troubleshootingtips I have to share. Thank you so much! You are already saving me fund in repairbills ..