Rheem Furnace Blinking Light

This Rheem furnace blinking light has workedme up so much, I just cannot think of a solution for it. You should not be so worked up. Why didnt you come to me and ask for advice? The last time I did that, your dog bit mybutt. Thats why I have 7 stitches on it now,and unable to sit down without feeling pain. Ha ha, sorry. OK, let’s just get to the chase here. Yes, let’s do it! The sooner I get this Rheem furnace blinkinglight figured out the sooner I will feel better. What sort of blinks are you getting? You need to count them to see what the problemis. For example, if you get a 2 second break inbetween three blinks, you know that your limit switch is closed, and you probably have adebris problem.If you see 4 blinking lights in a row thenyour limit switch could be stuck shut. How do I fix my Rheem furnace so it doesn’tkeep showing these blinks? What is the easiest solution? First of all, I think you should go aheadand check the power cord, to ensure that it’s properly plugged in, and that the electricalpower is turned on. I can assure you this step is already completed. Let’s move on. Now, you should set your thermostat to heat,and then make sure you turn the temperature up to a point that is above the current temperaturein your home. Let me text my wife, and have her do thesethings while you explain them to me. Now it’s time you check the gas lever on yourfurnace, and ensure that it’s open.The gas valve should also be turned on andyou can do this by turning it counterclockwise. OK, go on. Check for obstructions around the furnace,especially in front of the vents and grilles and remove them. Be sure the supply registers in your houseare also clear. Alright. Lastly, if these tips didnt help, be sureyou turn your furnace off, disconnect the power and then wait for thirty seconds. Then turn it on again and see if it works. Wow, great, my wife confirmed this fixed theproblem. Man you’re really great! People often tell me that. Well they’re right, and no reason to feelmodest about it!.

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