How to relight a water heater pilot light

To light the pilot for your water heater only for reference guide must beright here on the water heater itself however plenty of occasions it is justnice to observe someone do it alternatively of making an attempt to determine what knobs are what.So we’ll take this quilt off which you simply pinch. And there’s this little window, youlook in there that’s the place you could possibly see the flamethere’s nothing in there. You cant see any hearth so no its not lit. Once more that is already inthe off function and this dial is the temperature surroundings for the water heaterand that’s on the lowest atmosphere there. This pipe that comes out of itis the fuel pipe and here there’s 1 / 4 turn ballvalve.If the valve manage is perpendicular to the pipe thenit’s off. If this was long gone that method then there may be a fuel capable to flow by means of the pipe.This is also how water pipes work too. So far as perpendicular goes. K so we all know this is off, it can be been off fora at the same time. If this isnt within the off role you’regonna need to wait as a minimum five minutes for any gas that’sbeen constructing up to filter. You do not want any explosionswhen you light this. And the opposite factor to do is to smellaround and get a little a low and almost this. Ifyou odor gas anyplace near here, you close up it off and and let the gasoline clearopen a window and when you must, call for support, callservice guy you probably have a gas leak, do not ever mild anything like this. So again should you smell gas don’t gentle it. First thing you wish to have to do is to turnthis knob to the pilot function now should you appear up right here, it says OFF, PILOT,ON so the pilot role is there and you see this little notch it is tough to see from here and there’slittle notch That makes it possible for you to push this button down so we will get this sorted thisagain is within the lowest environment so i’ll activate the gas right here andthat’s enabling fuel to flow.I’ll hold down this button right here. That’sletting fuel go, after which i am gonna hit this little striker button. And that must ignight. There it goes first. You noticed that as quickly as I push this button here whileI’m holding this down. You wish to have to keep this button down for approximately a minute whenever you waited about a minute you can letgo and make certain that that is nonetheless on. If it isstill lit like it is, then that you could now turn this into the on position. Which you can turn this as much as whatever temperature environment you like, and put your duvet again on. That is clearly it. Let’s say you’re going to flip it off: it is rather easy once more. That you can flip thisdown shut your fuel valve off. Normally shut thisoff in case your gonna flip this off and then you definately flip this dial again to theoff position and you are performed so anyway i’m hoping thathelped..

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