Basic Home Maintenance : How to Change an Air Conditioner Filter

I am Tim Gipson, and i’ll speak to youabout find out how to alternate an air conditioner filter. Now in most of your residential homes, yourair filters are going to be located on your return air, which is most likely correct by using yourthermostat. With the intention to trade your filter you wish to have to open this grill up and there’s usuallya couple of fasteners right here on the top, you just simply rotate these out and pull downthe grill after which that you would be able to pull the clear out. Now there is a couple of unique typeof filters that you should utilize. This can be a high effectivity filter. As you’ll discover it has moreof a fantastic fabric to it. The average filters are fiberglass filters and people are usuallya blue in color. Those work great but they clear out honestly an extraordinarily low percentageof your dirt and spores and distinct things that may get into your condominium.So these aregood to use. Whatever the kind of filter you use, you need to be certain that you simply changethese filters out at the least on a 3 month, every three month groundwork. Should you occur tolive in a specially dusty atmosphere you can also need to do it at a extra frequent intervalthan that. So when you go to position this in now this certain filter, that is what you wantyour filters to seem like, this specified has been converted recently, so you can seeit’s exceptional and white, there may be now not various dirt. When you get a lot of dust, and thisbecomes an extraordinarily dark color, and that is when you understand it’s time to replace it. So whenyou get in a position to place this again in, one factor that you’ll need to appear in is these filtersactually have an airflow indication. So that they go back into the filter and so they go a particularway. And you need to make certain that of course the air flows in, so you need that arrow pointedtowards the duct. So it’s simplest when you put the bottom in first and you push the highest inand you wish to have to only make certain it’s securely towards the bottom.Then we will shut our grill,push the fasteners back in and you’re ready to move. Now in some instances you might have a centralair conditioning process that virtually has the filters placed in the unit itself. Sothat might be the one exception. You could perpetually consult your homeowners guide to find out exactlywhere those filters are. So i’m Tim Gipson and that is the best way to change an air conditioningfilter.

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