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Ruud Furnace Problems

I would like your input involving Ruud furnace problems. Ruud is aptly named, from the decal shockof all of the restore expenses to the purchaser provider. Ruud is the less expensive manufacturer made by Rheem. I consider they put the Ruud label on the unitsthat fail Rheems pleasant assessments. Give me more specified information on the problemsthey have. For example, they have got disorders with cyclingand loss of life. If the unit fires up and dies not up to aminute later, flip off the furnace and check the flame sensor. Which one is that? It’ll seem like a single rod with a ceramicmount; which you can smooth the soot off it with steel wool. I have a scouring pad. Do not use that, due to the fact it is going to scratch upthe sensor and reason other malfunctions, while sandpaper will put sand which is an insulatoron it. As a facet be aware, those sensors do go out fasterthan natural on Ruud furnaces, so you must maintain a spare simply in case.Blissful to understand, simply in case I ruin it whilecleaning it. I intended for when it goes out, though theybreak and wear out faster than normal. I have had the flame going out. One more challenge with Ruud furnaces iswhere the condensate drain does no longer hold bugs from stepping into after the moisture; the waterbacks up and you could get fairly ugly blockages to clean out. I have no idea if that’s better or worse thanTrane furnaces shutting down due to the fact that they didnt have a filter on the air consumption toblock leaves from getting sucked in and tripping the strain swap. As a minimum that you just could repair with a squareof wire monitor in entrance of the air consumption. You could put the identical in entrance of the condensatedrain of a Ruud furnace.Besides that you have a new location for moldto develop. And thats on prime of the white residue thatbuilds up within the inducer. I don’t even understand what the inducer does. Their furnaces are loud, so there may notactually be whatever improper. Anything is most likely flawed, on account that itcuts inside and out as soon as in a whilst. There are jokes about winterizing the Ruudfurnace which means fixing it. You already know it will exit every once in a whilebecause thats their popularity. Is that this just like the shaggy dog story that Goodman furnacesare an oxymoron, considering they are no excellent? It gets worse considering the fact that their consumer servicelives as much as the Ruud name. Let me wager, they offer an improved warrantywhen you name for work under the current guarantee. Routinely, however youll almost not ever get workdone underneath the present assurance..


In these days were in Harbourview South doing anannual furnace and air con preservation. Josh is already inside of getting started andhes going to go over the benefits of why you must be doing this each yr. Well the benefits to an annual provider checkupwould be to ya recognize obviously assess out the important components and even the small componentsof any type of central air heating method. Number one could be the heat exchanger ofthe furnace and making sure its not cracked or any variety of means, shape or form compromised.And as well as cleaning some thing as smallas a flame censor to be certain that the furnace doesnt cut out when its minus fortywith the wind kick back at New Years Eve. Whatever as simple as that might preventany type of drawback and anything as serious as a cracked heat exchanger could potentiallycause you to have got to replace the furnace. Have been gonna take this furnace apart. Were gonna smooth it from top to bottom. All the components which are obtainable forus to clean can be removed and taken apart and cleaned up. We need to ensure from top to bottom thefurnace is walking effectually and is working secure and soundly but even as toomaking definite that there is no expertise for issues to come up.Say just a easy dirty air filter or maybefurniture blockading a register upstairs. Making definite that the rooms are getting adequateairflow so the house owner is staying comfortable. Thats obviously one more very massive concernat the equal time as good. Its very convenient for a house owner to reduce theirlawn and possibly probably shoot stuff on the air conditioner. Whether or not it’s a rock or grass clippings. A number of that stuff can both harm or causethat coil to be really soiled. So, we wish to make certain that its keptnice and easy. 2d principal thingyou want tomake certain the electrical components are riskless and sound. Ya comprehend any form of electrical method is proneto failure and if it fails in the fallacious way, it would be somewhat bit unsafe in termsof either A) a hearth or might be worse however you need to make certain the whole thing is good out there, isnice and easy.The number one factor that might go improper dueto a lack of upkeep could be for instance in the event you didnt change your air filter, thefurnace might be slicing out on a excessive limit and would go into a lockout mode. Unluckily, thats what might lead toa crack and an extraordinarily harmful hindrance. So, theyre slightly bit more pleasant-tuned.They’re a little bit more particular. It comes at a cost of getting more constituents inthe furnace. Theres extra knowledge to break down andtheres additionally extra expertise for matters to head improper, exceptionally on the heat exchangerside. You wouldnt go an multiplied interval amountof time with out getting an oil exchange executed in your vehicle. It could rationale a potential hassle and failureof your vehicle and thats very pricey.The same rule applies to any variety of heatingor cooling system. They’re a mechanical factor in your house. They are prone to failure and in the event you dontget them serviced annually, they’ll most without doubt destroy down and regrettably costyou some cash. So before your method leaves you uncomfortable,make certain to call Pyramid Plumbing & Heating to ebook your annual furnace and air conditioningmaintenance at 204-694-50-88 and make certain to ask about our present specials..

Measuring airflow for residential forced-air systems for HVAC professionals

[ Music ] >> hi, i’m Scott Pigg. >> and i’m John Viner. We’re each from Seventhwave. As a heating and coolingprofessional, you’re employed difficult at what you do and take pridein getting the job done correct. That’s why we’re here to talktoday about measuring air waft for residential airconditioners and warmth pumps. We’re no longer selling whatever and we don’t represent anyone’s merchandise or services.However as independent energyefficiency researchers, we have now had the opportunity tomake measurements on enormous quantities of residential systems. And we might prefer to sharethat expertise with you. >> in this video, we’ll talk about why proper airflow is important, the way it influences method efficiencyhere, within the upper Midwest, and we will go throughthe pros and cons of different waysto measure air drift. >> All right. Let’s get started. >> best. >> k. Right here we’re looking at a high-quality new excessive efficiencygas furnace that additionally serves at the air handler for a two-and-a-half of-toncentral air conditioner.The question is, in the summeris this furnace producing the right amount of air flowfor the cooling process? We will discover in a minute,once we honestly experiment it. But first, let’s talk about howmuch air drift we’re looking for and the consequences of nothaving the right quantity. So, you traditionally already comprehend that producers aregenerally looking for somewhere in the variety of 300 to 400cubic feet per minute per ton of cooling capacity, interms of cooling air float. So, right here, we would belooking for whatever within the 800 to 1,000 CFM range. And i’m definite you alreadyknow the consequences of getting air flowthat’s too low. You’re watching at very coldevaporator coil temperatures, and potentially a frozencoil and all the issues that go together with that. However after we test systemshere, in the upper Midwest, what we clearly to find isthat we’re more likely to seek out air flowthat’s too excessive.And that is in general becausehere, where it is bloodless, we have a tendency to put in bigfurnaces with massive blower motors. And we pair them up withsmall air conditioners. And that’s dangerous, too, becausehigh air float creates its possess set of problems. Quantity one, it hurts theability of the process to dehumidify the air. And it also approach so much moreblower electricity going through the procedure. And it simply makes for anoisier overall experience and no more comfortable overallexperience for the house owner.So, we by and large find that abouthalf of methods that we experiment in our study on this a part of the nation haveair drift that is larger than four hundred CFM per ton. But most effective about one in ten haveair go with the flow that is under 300 CFM per ton. After we right thoseair waft issues, we in general see an improvementin effectivity efficiency of about 5 percentage. However we’ve got seen increasesas a lot as 30% when air flow wasreally a long methods off. All proper. So, we’ll take a appear and see how good this systemis doing, in phrases of air waft, by means of measuring it with anumber of special methods. There are tons of different waysto go about measuring air flow. Here, we’re going toconcentrate on just a few. We’ll talk about usinga calibrated float plate. We will appear at air float bymeasuring pace in the ducts.We can look at staticpressure and how we will use that with manufacturer’sliterature, to estimate air flow. We are going to speak about including upair flow by using measuring go with the flow from individual registers. And finally, we are going to appear atthe temperature cut up system for measuring air flow. Let’s get began. >> Let’s start with this gadget,which is a calibrated float plate that takes the placeof the filter.Truly, air drift isvery predictably correlated with the stress dropacross this plate. So, simply via measuringthe pressure drop, we will get a good size of the whole air flowgoing by way of the method. We rather like this device. And we use it oftenin our research. It is correct andrelatively effortless to use. Within the kit, you get truly,two glide plates, exclusive sizes with a bunch of spacersthat allow you to adapt the precise plateto any filter slot dimension. The predominant downside isthe up-entrance cost. Which is set $800, now not including a gooddigital manometer. Which might be adigital, or an additional strategy to say it, is a pressure gauge. The one we’ve got is made by using the same manufactureras the drift plate. It’s correct right here,that we are going to be utilising. So, it may do the stress toair waft translation for us and give us a directreading of air float. We mix the waft platewith a stress gauge. We are able to read CFM, cubicfeet per minute, instantly. So, let’s take alook at it in motion.Okay, i go todrill the hole for the supply pressurereference tap for the TrueFlow plate. This permits me to comprehend thesupply strain at this point with the filter in place, and with the TrueFlowplate in situation. Which. [ Drilling Sound ] by using measuring that strain,i can see the difference in resistance between thefilter and the pressure plate. Helps me calibratethe air go with the flow and CFM. I’ll stick the staticpressure probe in, factor it in the direction of the air move. So, now that thepressure faucet is in place in my give trunk line. I’ve turned the air handler on. We’ve turned it in the coolingmode to get cooling velocity. My digital manometer isreading static pressure within the deliver trunk withthe filter in situation.I’m going to hit enter so thatmy digital manometer documents that stress. Subsequent, i go toremove the filter and insert the TrueFlowpressure plate. So, now that i have theTrueFlow plate established, then I’ve blanketed up thefilter slot opening simply to eliminate any leakagethat could occur there. Now, I hook the TrueFlow plateup to my digital manometer. My digital manometer is ready toread the exact drift plate. It’s been programmed withthe suitable flow plate. We hook up the pressurehoses on both aspect of the pressure plate tothe digital manometer. And the manometer goes toread out cubic toes per minute, CFM, of air flow acrossthat pressure go with the flow plate.Right now, we are readingseven ninety, 700 and ninety-eighthundred CFM, i have right here. So, that’s right on the lowend that we’re asking for, for this two and a half tonair conditioning system. That is it. It is very simple, handy to make use of. And as we statedearlier, very correct. >> okay. So, our second way of measuring air flowinvolves measuring the velocity of the air in the ductwork. If we all know the velocityof the air that’s going by means of a element of duct,in say, ft per minute. And we all know its crosssectional discipline in square toes, we are able to put those two piecesof information collectively and calculate cubicfeet per minute. Now, there’s a couple ofdifferent ways which you could go about getting at this velocity. One is to make use of a pitottube, like this one, where you’ve a shorttube with a gap ultimately that you simply face intothe air movement.And the better the pace, the greater the pressureon that gap. And by means of measuring that pressure, that you would be able to translatepressure into pace. But at present, we’re going touse yet another gadget. And that is thishot wire anemometer. Now, this thing works byhaving an awfully tiny little wire in its tip that’s heated. And because the air goes acrossthat heated wire, it can be cooled. And through measuringthat cooling effect, we can translateinto air speed. Now, it could be greatwith both the pitot tube or this anemometer, ifwe would simply stick this into the ductworkin any given spot, take one studying,and be executed with it.But the trouble is that airvelocity varies on the inside of the duct from one part to theother and from front to back. And mostly, if varies quite a bit. So, if we rather care aboutgetting a good measurement of air float, we’re reallygonna have got to make a quantity of measurements to get theaverage speed of the air through that section of duct. So, ok. So, here we’re onthe bottom of the furnace. And i’ve marked the locationof 5 holes that i am going to drill in this best longstraight component to return duct. And those holes are notexactly within the same place. We is not going to go in today, whythey are the place they’re. But which you can look that up,on-line for more detail.But we’re simply going to goahead and drill five holes. And we will run ourhotwire anemometer by means of each and every one among them. [ Drilling Sound ] okay. So, I’ve drilledmy 5 holes. And now, what i’ll do istake this probe, and i’ll prolong it all the wayinto each one of the most holes. And then, slowly withdrawit even as we’re using our anemometer, right here, toaverage the pace throughout each one of those holes. Alright, last gap. So, we have achieved ourfive traverses by way of the five holes. And now we have got ouroverall common pace of 540 feet per minute. And when you multiply thatby the sides of the ductwork, which is ten inchesby 23 inches, that works out tojust about 860 CFM. However i will be able to inform youthat we saw the whole lot from one hundred ninety ft per minute,with the speed, there, to over 800 ft per minute. And one factor we can exhibit you, is considering the fact that this littleunit can data log and we recorded these traverses,we will show you a graph of what these five velocitytraverses appear like.So, another way tomeasure air flow is to take some staticpressure measurements at exclusive placesin the approach. After which, take that informationto the brand literature the place we are able to appear up air go with the flow asa perform of static pressure. And we’ve got particularly gottwo alternative, here. One is this static pressure riseacross the air handler, itself. And the opposite one would bethe static pressure drop across the evaporator coil. On this case, we’regoing to make use of the upward push across this furnace unit, the place we have now theliterature to be had. And you can see that we’ve put astatic pressure probe down here in the blower return cupboard. And then, we haveanother one up right here in between the furnaceoutlet and the backside of the evaporator coil. And we have the process running. And you can see that we’remeasuring just a bit below half of an inch of watercolumn throughout this method. So, with the manufacturerliterature in hand, we can seem up, basedon the pace faucet, the model of the furnace, and the static pressurerise that we’re seeing.And we read off of the chart that we’re seeingabout 975 CFM. Which is just a little bithigher than we measured with the float plate, butin the equal ballpark. Now, this procedure will work well if you have the manufacturer’sliterature. It won’t work at all, if youdon’t have that available. And quite often, it can be probablypreferable you probably have a choice, to make the measurement usingthe whole external static of the furnace, rather than thepressure drop across the coil.On the grounds that with the coil,that you may have problems with, is the coil wet,is the coil dry? And if that coil has beenin place for a even as, it is going to have somedirt buildup on it. And that could influence thereadings that you just get. >> ok. Yet another manner tomeasure air drift is at each and every of the registers usingour hot wire anemometer. The hot wire anemometermeasures feet per minute, if we know the register dimension and its net free areain square inches. So, it’ll require going to the brand’sspecification sheet to be certain we know the openarea of the face of this grille. The hotwire anemometermeasures toes per minute. And we have got to do atraverse throughout that register to get an averagefeet per minute. Then, we multiply that bythe square toes opening of the register. And we then are equipped tocalculate cubic feet per minute. So, i will start our traverseacross this register. And we are going to take a couple of passes.Now, measuring airflow like this is first-class for diagnosing comfort problemsand distribution disorders. But we do not generallyrecommend it for getting at approach air float backat the air handler. It simply takes too long tomeasure all the registers in the residence, and there’s toomuch uncertainty from including up all these individualregister measurements. Might be you are questioning howaccurate these approaches are. And we had been, too. So, we made one extrameasurement on this method, making use of a calibrated fan tomatch the approach strain and provides us an awfully accuratemeasurement of system flow. In comparison with that gold common,the opposite measurements are in reasonable contract. The go with the flow plate measurementwas slightly lower. And the size founded on static pressurewas slightly greater. But they have been allwithin ten percentage. We didn’t try to measure systemflow from register measurements, seeing that if wouldhave taken too long. And the temperature break up methodis just a hallmark of glide, no longer a right away measurement. Plus, we couldn’t do that experiment in view that the indoorconditions weren’t right. As a rule, we favorthe waft plate test.Considering it takes a fast andreasonable accurate value. The hotwire anemometerapproach will also be accurate, but it takes more time. The static pressureapproach is the quickest. But we’ve observed that thereadings can fluctuate some, depending on the place youmeasure the static strain. And you have to havean air glide chart for that equipmentyou’re measuring. But our checks on thisparticular system show that if you happen to take yourtime to do it proper, that you would be able to get good air flowmeasurements making use of a quantity of extraordinary tactics. One different notice; if you’re wayabove sea degree, you would have got to make changes forair density at altitude. >> One final approach for assessing cooling air flowis a relatively easy one to do, but which you can handiest do itunder distinctive conditions.And it can be called thetemperature split procedure. And it can be quite a bit likemeasuring temperature rise when you are assessingair float for heating. In that we’re lookingat the change between the warm returnair that’s coming back to the procedure, and the coolsupply air that is popping out the backside ofthe evaporator coil. That temperaturedifference it known as the ”temperature cut up”. So, if we have a method that’srunning quite high air flow, that air is going over thatevaporator coil very swiftly and it is no longer gettingcooled down very so much.So, this temperature difference,or this temperature split, will be on the low facet. On the other hand, if we now have asystem with very low air drift, that air is residing on thatevaporator coil for a very long time, it can be getting cooled down a lot. So, we will see alarge difference between the return air and thesupply air that’s popping out. And via gauging the magnitudeof that temperature break up, we are able to get a sense ofwhether our air glide is in the correct ball park. But there is a rub. Simplest a part of theenergy that’s going into this cooling coil goes to truely cool thetemperature of the air. The relaxation of it’s going toremoving humidity from the air and it would not reducethe temperature.So, depending on how humidthe air is, that is coming into the system, it’s going to affectthe target temperature break up that we’re looking for. If we’ve got very dry air that’scoming in, we are going to be watching for an extraordinarily excessive temperaturesplit for our goal. Alternatively, if we havereally humid air that’s coming again on the returnside, we’ll be looking for a fairly lowtemperature break up. So, to make thismeasurement, all we quite have got to do is measure thetemperature on the deliver side.Do not forget, measurethe temperature, the dry bulb temperature, and the moist bulb temperatureon the return facet. After which, use our targettemperature break up desk to appear up, established onreturn dry bulb temperature and return wet bulb temperature,what our target quantity is. After which, compare that towhat we genuinely measure. But there may be one different thingthat we have to fear about. If we see a low temperaturesplit, it could be thatair flow is excessive, however it might also besomething else that is unsuitable with the procedure. For illustration, if refrigerantcharge is low, our procedure may not be puttingout its full quantity of cooling, that in and of itself will leadto a low temperature cut up. And if we’re no longer careful,we could misdiagnose that as an air drift problem, as a substitute of what’s reallya refrigerant challenge. However, if we seea high temperature split, then that is a prettygood indication that we’ve got low airflow on our approach.Now, the final consideration is that our temperature splittarget table handiest works for a distinctive variety of dry bulb and wet bulb returntemperatures. And if we’re outside ofthat range, we’re now not going to be capable to makethat size. And that’s the cases,here today. We’re off the chartsas far as being equipped to get a target temperaturesplit. So, we is not going to be ableto measure it, today. Well, there you may have it. One of the vital bits and bobs of more than a few ways tomeasure air float. I hope this conjures up youto start measuring air float on the methods thatyou set up or provider. >> when you observed thisvideo priceless, please watch our othervideos related to details of our study findingsand pointers for householders. Thanks, for staring at. [ Music ].

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To light the pilot for your water heater only for reference guide must beright here on the water heater itself however plenty of occasions it is justnice to observe someone do it alternatively of making an attempt to determine what knobs are what.So we’ll take this quilt off which you simply pinch. And there’s this little window, youlook in there that’s the place you could possibly see the flamethere’s nothing in there. You cant see any hearth so no its not lit. Once more that is already inthe off function and this dial is the temperature surroundings for the water heaterand that’s on the lowest atmosphere there. This pipe that comes out of itis the fuel pipe and here there’s 1 / 4 turn ballvalve.If the valve manage is perpendicular to the pipe thenit’s off. If this was long gone that method then there may be a fuel capable to flow by means of the pipe.This is also how water pipes work too. So far as perpendicular goes. K so we all know this is off, it can be been off fora at the same time. If this isnt within the off role you’regonna need to wait as a minimum five minutes for any gas that’sbeen constructing up to filter. You do not want any explosionswhen you light this. And the opposite factor to do is to smellaround and get a little a low and almost this. Ifyou odor gas anyplace near here, you close up it off and and let the gasoline clearopen a window and when you must, call for support, callservice guy you probably have a gas leak, do not ever mild anything like this. So again should you smell gas don’t gentle it. First thing you wish to have to do is to turnthis knob to the pilot function now should you appear up right here, it says OFF, PILOT,ON so the pilot role is there and you see this little notch it is tough to see from here and there’slittle notch That makes it possible for you to push this button down so we will get this sorted thisagain is within the lowest environment so i’ll activate the gas right here andthat’s enabling fuel to flow.I’ll hold down this button right here. That’sletting fuel go, after which i am gonna hit this little striker button. And that must ignight. There it goes first. You noticed that as quickly as I push this button here whileI’m holding this down. You wish to have to keep this button down for approximately a minute whenever you waited about a minute you can letgo and make certain that that is nonetheless on. If it isstill lit like it is, then that you could now turn this into the on position. Which you can turn this as much as whatever temperature environment you like, and put your duvet again on. That is clearly it. Let’s say you’re going to flip it off: it is rather easy once more. That you can flip thisdown shut your fuel valve off. Normally shut thisoff in case your gonna flip this off and then you definately flip this dial again to theoff position and you are performed so anyway i’m hoping thathelped..

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How a Furnace Works | Repair and Replace

Hi, i’m Vance and welcome back to restore and replace. Furnace is whatever you certainly not particularly feel about unless it stops working, however with a little bit little bit of advantage,it is a lot less difficult to troubleshoot problems. So at present we ‘re gonna study how a gas furnace works. First we will cover the fundamentals, then we’ll dive somewhat deeper into the sequence of operation. So which you can fully grasp what every component does. Let’s begin ! Although there are some variations, all gasoline furnaces work in the equal common means. Ordinary gasoline is burned to heat up the heat exchanger. The exhaust fumes are launched via the flue gasoline vent. The blower fan then pushes air over the warmth exchanger and circulates it around your residence. The furnace runs until the thermostat detects the correct temperature and shuts the furnace off. Brand new furnaces use a draft inducer fan to aid exhaust the emissions, this drive draft also increases the efficiency.Condenser furnaces use a twin warmth exchanger to condense water vapor , this extracts much more heat out of the combustion. Furnaces are rated with the aid of AFUE or (Annual fuel Utilization effectivity). This quantity is a ratio of the fuel burned versus the gas changed into heat. Older furnaces will have an efficiency score of 70 AFEU or much less, which means that handiest 70 percent of the gas is was usable warmth. Mid efficiency furnaces are around eighty and high-effectivity condenser furnaces are frequently ninety and above. Furnaces can also be single stage or dual stage. Single stage furnaces run at one velocity, which means it can be both full warmth, or no warmth. Two stage furnaces can run at full velocity or a diminished velocity when less warmth is needed.This permits for the furnace to run quieter and may contain a more constant temperature. Modern furnaces have a collection of protection switches that shut down the furnace, when the system is compromised. If a switch is tripped, it will rationale the furnace to lockout. The furnace will strive ignition, a number of occasions earlier than going right into a difficult lockout for as much as an hour. Whenever a lockout happens the furnace will use flashing lights, as codes to determine the supply of the shutdown These codes are precise to every mannequin so check your furnace manual to look what each code method. When the thermostat calls for warmness, voltage is distributed to the manipulate board. Next the draft inducer fan pulls contemporary air into the burner, which makes it possible for for clean and effective combustion. When the draft motor reaches full pace the stress switch will shut, enabling for the sequence to proceed. The pressure change ensures that there’s ample airflow inside the warmness exchanger to securely operate the furnace.If the stress is low, the change will keep open and will avert the furnace from igniting. If the stress is good, then voltage is sent to the hot surface igniter. Some furnaces might use a spark igniter alternatively. After the igniter heats up the fuel valve opens and the burners ignite. When the flame will continue so long as the security switches remained closed.If the flame is not detected after 7 seconds the flame sensor will shut off the gas. When the burner is lit, the blower fan is simply too late from going for walks to permit the heat exchanger to heat up. This prevents the furnace from circulating cold air. The blower fan then pushes the air over the warmness exchanger and circulates it around your home. The limit switch displays the temperature of the air passing over the heat exchanger and will shut off the furnace if the process overheats.Any restriction of the airflow might reason the warmth exchanger to overheat. That is why it is major to interchange the furnace filter every three to six months. As soon as the thermostat alerts that the temperature of the residence is normalized, the fuel is shut off and combustion stops. The blower motor will continue to run for a number of minutes until the furnace is cooled down. Eventually the unit is positioned in standby except the thermostat requires warmth once more. Hopefully, this has given you a better working out of how a furnace works. Now if your furnace is having hindrance running, then watch our troubleshooting guide for a step-via-step breakdown and there’s a hyperlink to this in the description under. If you observed this video priceless then subscribe to our Channel.We’re always filming new content material per week, so let us know what repairs you’d like to see subsequent and if you would like an element for that repair then discuss with our website. We stock thousands of tough-to-in finding elements, and we’ll ship it out to you the same day. Thanks for gazing.

Frozen Air Conditioner How To Unfreeze Defrost Fix Up Ice Froze AC Repair Maintenance Video

So you will have had your AC walking for a whileand you detect there is barely any air coming out what is going on on go to theair manage closet and appear down and also you see a bunch of ice on the line set Frozen about96% of time this is a soiled air filter. 2% of time this is a dirty coil about 1% of timethis is a low refrigerant cost and i will go away 1% to other so here i realized this ACsounded a little bit humorous and saw there may be ice on the unit so immediately I got here and turnthe unit off and turn the fan on to on to let that soften a lot turbo and will also causewhen the moisture is walking down the evaporator it would rationale it to hug the evaporate a littlebit and run into the pan so it may make numerous water and it could actually overflow the pan soyou want to put some towels down and display the predicament to make certain it doesn’t overflowtoo so much might be use a moist-dry vacuum and vacuum it out if it looks like it’ll overflowalso I turned the breaker off for the air conditioner and the range cuz frequently thesecan be labeled fallacious but anyway flip the air conditioner breaker off since I’ve seenit happen with a unit bought so Frozen that the contactor coil stays Frozen sucked in so Ijust grew to become it off and i’m letting everything thaw out after which i’ll reset it and i’ll checkit investigate for a dirty coil I discovered this one used to be turned all the way down to 65 levels and so it hasbeen jogging like that every one night time so not excellent anyway i’ll determine it out and alter the airfilter and easy the coil it can be on the whole just a dirty air filter and that is why it frozeup however anyway that’s the story there anyhow now the air conditioner has a danger to dryout and that i did not get a flat so that’s just right anyway once more I pull the quilt off and checkit out and see how the filter is hi there yeah i might say it was once the filter okay anyway I’llchange it out with a brand new filter and AC might be back in business just right to move okay so I wentand obtained my new filter received my coil cleaner and going to head to town on this puppy goingto go forward and switch it over to Cooling due to the fact that we would like the coolant to run whilst we cleanthe coil use the preserve button and the reason is in view that the air conditioner removes moisturefrom the air and that’s how absorbent lot of the warmness has a moisture runs down the drainabsorbs the moisture into the refrigerant cycles that to the condenser on the roof andreleases the heat external as good and really strikes warmth from the unit it can be not so muchthat it brings cool air in nevertheless it brings the scorching out now the air conditioner runs at lowerspeeds within the heater does then on some methods and it’s more robust that gets rid of heatfrom the air within the reduce speeds for air con the slash speeds a little bit bit better now thiscoils pretty old you’ll find some relaxation on the coil but simply going to do the best thatI can to make him a lot better and have a excellent summer time you will discover the coil is pretty Dirtyand the filter was beautiful soiled the coil inside is more often than not pretty soiled as well shine somelight on it and it’s pretty dirty correct so what i’ve is that no rinse coil cleanerand i’m also going to add condensate capsules to the drain to hinder a clogged as wellas to deal with the drain with anti-rust anti-mold anticoagulant which helps avert the dirtfrom clumping up so this is the condensate drugs just going to add those to the drainI’m going so as to add a couple of high equipment once more as the evaporator runs and the moisture runsdown there it is going to combine with the capsules and can liberate a bit of bit at a time intothe drain and aid hold the whole thing going now for the coil cleaner I’ve just got in a pumpsprayer right here so just going to Pump It Up and actual effectively just spray on the coil cleanerthis is a no rinse coil cleaner it rinses with the condensation and runs down the drainnow it can be foremost to maintain the unit running for approximately 20 minutes after utilising this stuffnow if you know about cleaning soap and the best way cleaning soap works it can be hydrophobic that suggests it is afraidof water and it tries to get far from water and the best way it does.Is it starts diggingunder the dirt And tries to get away from the water so the way in which it does that is diggingunder the dust so it acts as a catalyst to unlock the filth in the filth the water canhelp carry the filth away and that is why the no rinse coil cleaner can work now for a quailthis dirty it’s probably no longer all going to come off in one utility it’s going totake a a couple of rounds on the whole to treat this good they usually get it easy so it can be definitelygoing to take the time to fairly do it correct however it’s what it’s and we’re right here additionally spraysome coil cleaner on the again aspect Minnesota says coil up prime for the hydraulic oil a bittrickier going to show it off and spray that one so do this and now I have got to wait 5 minutesfor the pressures to equalize earlier than I flip it back on but this may occasionally allow me to sprayit rather just right and spray the coil up high as good the hydronic heater coil if you want to have a better summer season it is a goodidea to take a look at to get matters smooth and clear and you need to avoid the tip touching anyof the coils in view that it can be very effortless to bend the fins and we don’t want the bend any ofthe fins anyway obtained the coil cleaner spray down there and getting spray this one somemore down right here after which will shut the whole thing up i’ll put the filter in and we are going to go aheadand run it but you get the concept right here often the soap right here is sufficient to watchfor a small leak to look if you happen to had a small leak on the coil it could exhibit up and sprayedin the pan here too and getting everything clear and then we’ll add a new filternow there is without doubt lots of choices and filters available in the market this distinctive filter isperfect for this kind of environment if you’re going to alter your filter each month thenthe heavier-duty pleated filters probably good due to the fact they proper away filteringthere the hindrance is they are so just right at filtration that after a month you’ve gotten primary air restrictionso if you’re not going to change your filter each month if you’re handiest going to changeit about every three months that is in general the better filter to head with the rationale is thisfilter starts off now not filtering as just right however then little by little as that collects derit truely begins to filter higher and higher and you relatively is not going to have a restrict asmuch until about three months so these work just right for altering every 3 months and you have got tochoose your technique based on how can you handle the upkeep of your airconditioning approach you realize in case your it’s your possess residence it can be quite a bit less difficult to changeevery month however you probably have allergic reactions you may need to use which called a HEPA filterit filters out smaller Micron sizes and so men and women with bronchial asthma and stuff like that thenthey want to take into account that however it’s a much more luxurious filter most likely about 25 bucksI filter and you quite must trade it every 30 days otherwise it’ll causeair restriction and then you could have an froze coil and so once more you need to take thebest procedure on your challenge and for many humans I filter like this changing every 30days or 90 days goes to be pleasant I said 30 days there but I supposed ninety days and goodidea to assess your smoke alarm while make certain everything’s good however justa little preventative protection to preserve the whole lot excellent and hold everything riskless sometimesthis soapy is ample to watch for a small leak to see in case you had a small leak on thecoil it will exhibit up and sprayed within the pan here to and getting everything clear and thenwe can add a new filter mothers without doubt lots of selections in filters in the market thisparticular filter is perfect for this form of atmosphere if you’re going to change yourfilter every month then the heavier responsibility pleated filters possibly excellent seeing that they start rightaway filtering there the concern is there so good at filtration that after a month youhave important air limit so if you’re no longer going to alter your filter each month ifyou’re best going to vary it about every 3 months that is most likely the easier filterto go with the intent is this filter starts off no longer filtering as excellent but then littleby little This variety of air filter starts to filter out higher and better and also you reallydon’t have a restrict as much so it works better for each 3 months so you must kindof prefer your method situated on how typically you exchange it so if it is your ownhome it’s less complicated to vary it each month if in case you have allergy symptoms you can also need to usewhat’s known as a HEPA filter it’s a high effectivity particle arrestor holds again smaller particlesizes so humans with bronchial asthma and stuff like that they are going to need to recall that but it surely’sa much more pricey filter usually about 25 bucks a filter and you fairly need to changeit each 30 days otherwise it’ll purpose air limit and then that you may have a nicestep coil and so again you need to take the best process in your hindrance and for mostpeople I filter like this changing it every 30 days I stated 30 days but I intended 90 daysit was just right idea to check your smoke alarm at the same time to be certain the whole thing’sgood just a bit preventative renovation to maintain everything excellent and keep everythingsafe so now i will flip this on and on and make sure I keep it running for about20 minutes and that’s going to clear it up and for anything as dirty as this one youmay must go a couple of times you know a couple more treatments of the Enviro coil cleanerthis is an environmentally friendly no rinse coil cleaner it’s one among my favourite coilcleaners when you consider that it does the job and it won’t damage your vegetation and stuff like that in youryard if your dialog Runs Out to the yard anyway thanks for staring at Kung Fu maintenancehope that helps you guys safe keep reliable out there and help your restore Jobs go nice andeasy hope that you may get to the preventive renovation that you simply need to do so that you’ve a reallynice summer with none of those night time experiences we don’t have any AC cuz that is adequate enjoyable fine tokeep it excellent and chilly first-rate and cozy how you find it irresistible in the event you love it chilly anywaythat’s how I love it air excellent and smooth and things working like this must thanks forwatching Kung Fu protection over and out i will just turn it on here back on cool dropit down hit my keep button and excellent to move maintain it running for approximately 20 minutes and that i’llprobably provide it one more 2 or 3 sprays simply to keep it all going just right and i just rememberedI forgot to turn the breakers back on hear the condenser on the roof kick on I forgotto flip the breakers on after I turn them off last time in case the contact you gotstuck considering that the coil was frozen anyway i can run the coil cleaner away feeling startingto get bloodless because the refrigerant cycles through yep so that it will smooth it up

How a Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace Works │Central Boiler

Do you know persons with a relevant Boileroutdoor furnace cut back or eliminate their heating fees? Which you could even warmness more than one constructions withone principal Boiler outside furnace. It is that affordable. And while you’ll be more comfortableand have unending sizzling water! The whole factor is quite easy. From set up to operation, that you can doit your self. Significant Boiler out of doors furnaces are flexibleand will work with any heating approach you have.The furnace works by way of burning wooden to heatwater. The heated water is circulated by way of insulatedunderground pipes referred to as ThermoPEX to the constructions being heated. The ThermoPEX underground pipe enters yourhome and connects to your water heater by means of a warmth exchanger. What that means is we warmness all of your domesticwater. From there it connects to your pressured air,in-ground radiant, or indoor boiler heating approach and sends the heat around your home. The water is then sent back to the furnacethrough the ThermoPEX to be reheated.All of this, effortlessly controlled by using a regularthermostat. Your company will not even comprehend you’re heatingwith wooden. This general setup can be utilized to run linesto more than one structures for those who like. Some persons even warmth 2 homes with one CentralBoiler outdoor furnace. If you would like to expand or increase yourcurrent heating method, important Boiler has the entire accessories and choices you want. Add a hydronic radiator by your entryway tokeep it warm and dry within the iciness. A kickspace flooring heater means that you can do the dishesand preserve your footies exceptional and toasty. Do you have got a youngsters room that perpetually seemsto be cooler than the relaxation of the house? Simply join the free-standing corner fanconvector to save lots of house. That you can even heat your pool or hot bathtub witha central Boiler out of doors furnace. These components may also be introduced during yourfurnace installation or at a later time.If you have not ever heated with wooden before,primary Boiler makes it convenient with movies and publications to support you get started. Now various our shoppers revel in reducing theirown wood. It’s a best loved ones endeavor. Or lots of our purchasers purchase wood andhave it delivered as it’s easily on hand and cheap. Additionally, crucial Boiler offers furnacemodels that work with extraordinary fuel sources. The Maxim furnace uses wooden pellets, corn,or biomass and the significant Boiler Forge out of doors furnace is a cleaner way to warmth with coal. Putting in a crucial Boiler is easier thanyou could believe. Many consumers select to put in the furnacethemselves considering the fact that the installation may also be conveniently accomplished utilizing the set up manual. Licensed valuable Boiler buyers have allthe presents, accessories, and knowledge you must get began. Most buyers also present set up servicesif you want.A important Boiler outdoor furnace is the simpleway to experience a new stage of remedy on your dwelling. Plus which you can warmness more room with much less money. Go to CentralBoiler.Com for mannequin details,guides on the right way to do it your self, and to find a dealer close you..

Air Conditioning Pasadena (877) 273-6553 | AC | AC Repair Pasadena, CA

The air conditioning and heating technicians at air conditioning Pasadena can restore service and support the performance of your residential or commercial HVAC process talk over with our website at www our conditioning Pasadena calm or call a seventy seven 273 6553 we sell and install new heating and air-con equipment for newly developed areas as good as HVAC systems to switch fail or inefficient equipment.

Introduction to Heating (HVAC)

Hello. My name is Dave . I am the Heating and Refrigeration instructor here . This is normally called the HVAC program but what it is is Residential Heating and Air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration. The term HVAC stands for: heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and then we put a slash R (/R) on there and that stands for refrigeration. All that falls under the category of what we’re going to do in this program. We’re going to talk a little bit about residential heating and air conditioning, and commercial, and then we will go on from there. One of the the first things you need to kind of understand about heating refrigeration is a theory where heat transfers from hot to colds .That is the principle by which how we,  at  http://hvacservicebrothers.com,  heat/cool a house or a place of business. And we use those principles and we use our equipment to make that happen so we can maintain a temperature inside the building that is comfortable for us. The ventilation part is air quality. And in the field, we call that IAQ; indoor air quality. And when we get into that, we’re talking filters and humidity and things that make the living more comfortable.

Air-conditioning is actually a term meaning conditioning of the air for comfort living. There’s not very many places you can go to that doesn’t have heating refrigeration in the building. I like to tell my students that you can’t go to the moon without heating and refrigeration. So it is a very vital part. So we’ll get into all that out in the shop. Okay. We’re out here in the shop now and we’re going to take a look at the furnace.

One of these three types of furnaces, you will have in your house. And the first one we’re going to look at is this one here. It is a Train but the brand name really doesn’t matter. This furnace is what we call a natural draft furnace. It was probably – and this is probably in the range of about 25 to 30 years old It was an efficiency furnace in its day. And it draws air from the house and through this opening and creates a draft up the flue and out. And that’s where it gets its name; natural draft. In its day, it would be rated about fifty to sixty percent efficiency; meaning, that about 50 to 60 percent of the gas consumed was converted to heat for the house. And that is the natural draft furnace. From this point, we migrated to what they call the induced draft furnace.

Now this induced draft furnace, in the efficiency rating, is about eighty percent. Meaning that eighty percent of the gas consumed is converted to heat. And you’re losing twenty percent up the flue. Basically the furnaces work the same, they just have added more efficient components and safety devices to get to the point where the furnace achieves said efficiency. After the eighty percent efficiency furnace, we move into the ninety percent efficiency furnace. This again means that ninety percent of the fuel consumed is converted to heat for the home, and you’re only losing about 10 percent or less up to the flue pipe. The interesting thing to note here is that our flue pipe now, is schedule 40 plastic pipe; where with the other two types, it was metal. And that’s because the manufacturers designed a second heat exchanger to absorb that heat, which makes a furnace more efficient, and allows us to vent this furnace out through the side of the house rather than going up through the chimney with the other two.

So that is one of the three types of furnaces you will find in your home, unless you have an electric furnace and we have an electric furnace sitting here on the table. It works on total electricity. And it is – according to the manufacturers, it is rated the most efficient because you get one BTU of heat for one kilowatt of electricity. But when the homeowner takes a look at it, that kilowatt adds up and really drives your electricity bill pretty high. So even though it’s high on the efficiency it’s probably not a furnace most people would choose unless they we’re using propane. It would be cheaper than using propane for a fuel. But those are the different types of furnaces you would find in your home and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this course. Those three units that we looked at a few minutes ago are residential units. Now we’re taking a look at a commercial unit. Another name for this would be called a package unit.

You find these on the rooftops of buildings, and sometimes even alongside the buildings. It’s called the package unit because on this side of the unit over here, is the air conditioning side. And on this side over here, from this area to here, is the furnace area. So we have the furnace and the air conditioner all put together in one package unit. This is about a six ton unit, which is pretty small for commercial. Commercial equipment gets a lot of that’s up around 20-30 ton or larger. But this one here we have it setup so that we can train the students on.

And again this would be in the category of about an eighty percent efficiency furnace. Once again, meaning that eighty percent of the gas consumed is converted to heat, and we have 20 percent going up the flue. It’s very much like the residential equipment. So when students are trained on residential, they can also work on commercial. A lot of techs like the commercial equipment because everything is combined in one area, and it’s pretty easy to work on. In your residential unit, usually your furnace is in the basement and your air-conditioner sits outside. So you have a little more running back and forth, but it’s the same thing. Once you know how to work on a residential unit you’re very qualified to work on commercial. On the back side of this unit is where the air comes out and it is docked into the building by means of ductwork that carries the air throughout the building. And we will take a look at this later on. We’ll go through it, and we will fire the furnace. And then we will fire the air-conditioner, and you will get a chance to see how that’s worked.

We will do some troubleshooting; things that the technicians today are doing. Everybody is starting to turn their furnace on now for the winter. So all the companies are doing what they call winter tune-ups. and that’s where technicians would come out to your home, and they would go through the furnace. Check the operation. Make sure all the safety components are working properly; the motors are oiled. And in the next video too, we’ll go through some of those steps to show you what’s going on. But once again, this is your commercial unit..

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Putting Home Energy Savings on to Your System

Using home energy everyday is easy. Since most homeowners like you, want to know how to get those power bill in a manageable and acceptable digits, there are several systems designed to particularly answer this.

Here are those:gas home furnace

Insulating– The best way to keep your body warm is by wearing not only just thick clothing, but also clothes that will trap the body heat inside. The same principle goes with keeping your house warn during winter. Keeping good and tight batt insulation around wall enclosures is the best thing to do this. But it is not always the easiest. Any gaps at any point around the wall enclosure will definitely degrade the quality of the insulation installed. Gaps mentioned here are electrical boxes, pipes, and wires; places where batt insulation can be tricky to install even for professionals. As an alternative, you may want to use materials such as cellulose insulation for maximum area coverage. The cellulose insulation eliminates gap and voids, making your walls 100% insulated.

But this is not all.

After insulating your home, you might think you have done enough. It is true that insulating your home well will keep cold air from entering your home and degrading the performance of your heating system. But, your house is not 100% assured that it would e 100% insulated. The next thing is one important thing you should understand …

Airsealing— Leaks around the house are accounted for as much as 40% of your heating and cooling consumption. This means that no matter how good your insulation is, if your house have leaks, you still can not assure total savings.

Airsealing your home is the next important thing you should do and remember in order to maximize the use of your heating system. Walls with leaks can degrade the quality of air as well as the performance of your heating system. Leaks from floors will make your heating system work harder.

Extra savings– Now that you have ensured that your home is well insulated and air-sealed, it is time for you to solve minor problems that add big cost on your home energy.

Cleaning your air filter will give you 2 good effects. You can check with Science guy: Bill NyeFurnacerepairdenver.com for further advice.:

1. Clean air filter reduces the heating system’s demand to work extra.
2. Clean air filter will provide clean recycled air around the house.

Making sure that the ducts are leak free will give you as much as 30% on energy savings from your heating system.

If you will use them, turn on your appliances only. Never leave them on while you were away. Lights should be turned off if not used. Lower down your thermostat if you are away or sleeping.

Set your washing machine to cold. Washing machine consumes as much as 90% more power on heating the water than using tap water.

Using small electric burner when cooking will give you better savings than using large burner. It will also keep your heating system less stressful in maintaining the temperature of the house.

Lower down the thermostat of your refrigerator.

Using your fireplace to warm the house up is much cheaper than using the heating system.

Maintaining– Keeping your home well maintained will give you a lot of savings. Invest on energy saving devices that will keep your home warn at the same time, enables your heating system to work as efficient as possible. Regular check on the leaks of the duct and periodical cleaning of the air filter will certainly make your heating system work efficiently.

With all these, you may now have electric bill that is both manageable and acceptable.

Try all these and see the difference they can do to your monthly electric bill.
Here’s some more info on this subject: 
It is true that insulating your home well will keep cold air from entering your home and degrading the performance of your heating system. Airsealing your home is the next important thing you should remember and do in order to maximize the use of your heating system. Walls with leaks can degrade the quality of air as well as the performance of your heating system. Invest on energy saving devices that will keep your home warn at the same time, enables your heating system to work as efficient as possible. Regular check on the leaks of the duct and periodical cleaning of the air filter will certainly make your heating system work efficiently.

10 Most Common Furnace Repair Problems

Depending on numbers directly from the Department of Energy (DOE), about 70 percent of U.S. households depend ona heating system for their heating and cooling needs. As well-performing as this popular equipment could be, generally there are a few common issues that might suspend its function. When these issues develop, they typically cause a decline in efficiency and perhaps even air quality. Below are the top ten most typical heating systems repair jobs as well as their causes needing heating repair

Dirty Filtering system

Failing to clean and/or change out your furnace’s air filters will almost certainly lead to obstructions that reduce airflow, requiring the device to work harder to circulate hot indoor air. In time, the problem might even harm the limit switch that controls the fan.

Wear and Tear

They may be constructed to last, yet even the most tough appliance won’t run forever. According to COOLING AND HEATING experts, the average heating system should provide reliable service for 13-25 years. Towards the top end of that range, most are going to start to show their age. Airflow problems and even overheating are not at all unusual in older systems.


Although rare, a central heater could experience an unexpected, unexpected malfunction. This concern is usually the effect of advanced age or inadequate upkeep. Routine service through a knowledgeable home heating repair expert ought to ensure efficient, dependable operation.

Faulty Thermostat

A defective regulator often triggers problems with the blower or fan, which may negatively impact home comfort levels. The device ought to be examined by an HVAC expert as soon as possible.

No Heat

A furnace that does not perform its main function is not always broken. In many circumstances, the issue is either an incorrect thermostat setting or a concern with the gas or the pilot light.

Insufficient Heat

The most common reason for this problem is a blocked air filter that reduces the air movement in the house. There’s also a possibility that the device is simply not large enough for the space it must serve.

Nonstop Cycling

When a heater will not stop cycling between “on” and “off” states, it could suggest a badly clogged air filter or an incorrect thermostat setting. In either case, the problem could easily be dealt with by a heating repair specialist.

The Blower Operates Around the Clock

Because this ought to only run if the heat is on, a blower which operates continuously is in need of immediate attention. Most of the times, the problem is a faulty limit switch that is not letting the blower get a much-needed break.

Rumbling, Squealing, Rattling

As opposed to popular belief, your furnace should not create a lot of noise when it’s working. A noisy device is most likely suffering with a mechanical complication, airflow concern, or a blocked burner.

Pilot Issues

A faulty pilot or ignition may result in inconsistent function. In most cases, disruptions are triggered by blockages or thermocouple malfunction.In case you encounter some of the aforementioned issues, get in touch with a heating repair specialist promptly.

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Further Source of Qualified HVAC Technicians

If you or your customers need help with their HVAC, heater, furnace repair or air conditioning, air conditioner repairs Call these guys.. These businesses follow good maintenance and prevention protocols and have good, fair price structures.

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